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    Ethan’s Transition Meeting from PTN to LAUNCH Preschool

    Our former Harbor Regional Center coordinator had told us that Ethan’s transition meeting would just consist of introductions. That it was, a brief meeting where preliminary introductions were made and we were given an opportunity to advocate for Ethan’s needs. I can say with confidence that the transition meeting last June 6th, Thursday, was a great success. The meeting consisted of a special education teacher from Torrance Unified School District, our new Harbor Regional Center coordinator, our son’s teacher and a teacher trainee from Pediatric Therapy Network. SIDE NOTE: It was funny how Ethan was turning the lights on and off the whole time.😂The teacher from TUSD just pretty much…

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    Ethan’s First Easter Egg Hunt!

    Ethan had so much fun at the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Pediatric Therapy Network! It’s almost time for Easter. Last Sunday, April 14, Pediatric Therapy Network, the place where Ethan goes for his center-based early intervention, held an Easter Egg Hunt. Ethan’s favorite part was the little ducky pool, because he is so attracted to water. He kept on splashing the water until his shirt and shorts got wet! He is still non-verbal, and was clapping “yay” when he saw the Easter Bunny. Daddy Steve got a shot of the funny moment in the picture above. 🤣 Ethan also had a nice moment with the Torrance Firefighters. He got…