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Autism Mom updates: Ethan’s continued progress through ABA and OT

A New Beginning with First Steps for Kids

When the COVID-19 lockdown came, businesses shuttered down. Pediatric clinics closed, schools closed for what everyone thought was just a month, if that. Now it is almost the end of August and California is still on some type of safer-at-home mandate. As Ethan’s parents, we decided that it was even more important for him to continue ABA therapy, the only service that was deemed essential in the complete shutdown. ABA therapy kept him engaged, kept our window into his mind and heart open, and kept him socializing and learning. We switched to a new and better company beginning July 2020, First Steps for Kids, based in Hermosa Beach. We have two wonderful RBTs, a great BCBA, and we are looking forward to having the FSFK center open when it is safe to do so. Since Ethan started with First Steps, he’s started to consistently imitate our words, learned how to use the LAMP program in his AAC device, learned to identify more than 50 objects and learned how to identify colors and match like objects. His attention to his virtual class sessions during the summer session at LAUNCH preschool improved 100%. He just learned “daddy,” “mommy,” and repeats “I Love You” after we say it to him. His words still need clarity, but he is gaining the building blocks of speech.

Last day of summer session!
Good luck with Kindergarten classmates! I’ll miss you!

Back at Kids in Motion

First Day Back at Kids in Motion when the clinic re-opened

When Kids in Motion called us for the re-opening, I was excited to get him back on the schedule again with the same great OT. He’s made so much progress since we started him on the path of Occupational Therapy. He’s gone further in his cutting skills, now being able to cut through a whole piece of paper, started to draw lines, is able to put shapes in the proper slot on a toy, and widened his play skills. He learned how to take off his shoes and is now learning to take off his socks.

Learning to balance on a different kind of swing

Starting With OT at NAPA Center

We also started OT at the NAPA center and got a second weekly OT session for Ethan. I was impressed by all the wonderful feedback I had read from NAPA center parents. I wanted to get Ethan as much support as possible especially with school being closed. We’ve been with NAPA center for only a little more than a month and Ethan has made so much progress. He is scheduled to do an intensive three-week therapy with them in December, three hours a day doing PT, OT and speech. I love their methods there and Ethan is always excited when we drive from Torrance to Hawthorne. He knows it’s OT time!

Strengthening his core on peanut ball
Learning how to jump!
Focusing on that upper body strength!
Working on strength and body awareness
Now Ethan can go grocery shopping for Mom! 🙂
Ethan loves the vibrations while working on his proprioception!

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