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ABA Adventures at the Botanic Garden and Beach!

This is going to be a short post of mostly just photos we’ve taken of a couple of locations we’ve been to with Ethan’s wonderful ABA therapist. Since she and Ethan have had a lot of time to build rapport at home, we frequent Hickory, Wilson and South Park, which are all in the area, we’ve been to Torrance Beach a couple of times, and we recently visited the South Coast Botanic Garden. It’s a great way for Ethan to generalize the skills has learned at ABA and in school and develop social skills in the community around other kids and adults. After a few visits to the beach, Ethan’s been more brave in approaching the ocean. He also had a lot of fun just running free in the botanic garden, and mom got a little zen by enjoying the serenity and fresh air!

Handsome Ethan <3
Just another day in the Botanic Garden
I can get up there faster than you can!
Love you Ethan!
Chilling under a tree
Come on, pose with Mommy!
Beach ABA on a warm day
Ethan thinking about challenging the waves

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