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Ethan’s Graduation from PTN

It’s been a minute. So many things have happened since the last time I posted, and one of them is Ethan’s graduation from the Leaps and Bounds program at Pediatric Therapy Network last September 30, 2019. This will always be the first place that Ethan developed a pre-school based routine and had a life away from mom and away from home. He learned to participate within a community, socialize with other kids, take turns, mimic actions and songs from circle time, sit nicely when asked to, among other things. They also had therapy centers, we he received PT, OT and Speech every week. I also enjoyed being a PTN parent, with their numerous educational coffee socials and the friendships I’ve formed during Ethan’s time here. Now I am volunteering at PTN in their OT volunteer program to complete my hours so I can apply for the MSOT program in CSUDH. I am happy whenever I am here even if Ethan now goes to LAUNCH preschool – it is such a loving, uplifting and positive place. Thank you Teacher Piper and Teacher Karly for taking good care of Ethan! Thank you all the therapists and staff that have helped Ethan so much.

Ethan’s 3rd birthday cupcake!
Receiving his diploma <3
Not too keen about the hat.
The Suite 110 team under Teacher Piper! Thank you all so much!

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