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Ethan Gets A Preview of Our Future Doberman Pup!

You will be coming home with the family soon!

We were so looking forward to a little break from the daily routine of work, house chores, Ethan’s early intervention program and ABA therapy. Ethan has made so much progress with ABA and he too, deserved a break! He just learned how to hug (hugging Daddy when prompted), was becoming more engaged and playful with us, added 2-3 words to his vocabulary, and learned to participate in social games. Finally, on August 6th, we were off to the Central Coast, one of our favorite vacay spots. It has since become a tradition to our family to visit 2-4 times a year. We love Cambria, Morro Bay, Cayucos, San Simeon and that general area. We stayed in San Simeon this time. Ethan didn’t fuss a single time in the car, which led us to conclude that he probably likes our new SUV as much as we do! Ethan’s sleep schedule was totally thrown off course. He barely napped, slept late, and treated our hotel room like it was Disneyland.

Ethan chilling comfortably in the back seat of our new Hyundai Tucson.
Vacay mode
It’s Ethan’s vacation, too!

We also went to Moonstone Beach, which is a must-do stop whenever we go to Cambria. Ethan enjoyed walking on the sand and had another close encounter with the ocean. Even if the water was icy cold, Ethan didn’t mind the water coming up to his knees. Both Mommy and Ethan got wet pants after wading in the shore, but it was all worth it! I grew up loving the ocean and would take regular trips to the beach (the Philippines is full of them). I am merely passing on one of my greatest passions to my son — my passion for the ocean.

The love of the sea.

After a chill time at the Central Coast, which was of course, partly spent just enjoying wine at our favorite tasting room, Moonstone Cellars, we were finally off to the dog ranch, where we planned to go to meet some Dobie pups and parents. We went to West Coast Doberman, a reputable Doberman breeder located in Northern California. Rick, a friend of the owner, Tony Alves, showed us around, and we had a grand time being surrounded by some handsome and beautiful dogs.

Steve with an adult Dobie!
Soon to be dog mommy?

It was quite an experience meeting Sam, one of the Dobie grandmas. As soon as Rick let her out of her cage, she came charging at me, which scared the living hell out of me. But she just actually wanted to be petted! It was the funniest and sweetest thing.

Sam jumped to me to be petted right when she saw us!

Our Dobie pup is set to born in November, and be all ready to be picked up eight weeks after, sometime in late December or early January. We are super excited for Ethan to have a dog brother — it will do wonders for his social engagement and he’ll have a pet to play with. And Steve and I are excited to have a new family member! We can’t wait to see how Ethan will interact with him (we already have a name – Atlas). It can only be good for our little toddler.

Too cute!

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