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Ethan’s Transition Meeting from PTN to LAUNCH Preschool

Our former Harbor Regional Center coordinator had told us that Ethan’s transition meeting would just consist of introductions. That it was, a brief meeting where preliminary introductions were made and we were given an opportunity to advocate for Ethan’s needs. I can say with confidence that the transition meeting last June 6th, Thursday, was a great success. The meeting consisted of a special education teacher from Torrance Unified School District, our new Harbor Regional Center coordinator, our son’s teacher and a teacher trainee from Pediatric Therapy Network. SIDE NOTE: It was funny how Ethan was turning the lights on and off the whole time.😂The teacher from TUSD just pretty much asked us what we thought Ethan’s strengths were, and after that what we thought he struggled with the most. We took the opportunity to highlight the things he needed most helped in, and told the teacher that we just want Ethan to get the best care. We made sure to mention that we wanted Ethan to get assessed for all areas of pediatric therapy – OT, Speech and Physical Therapy. The teacher mentioned that they also have a program for children with autism – the ASSISTT program. We were informed that Ethan needed to enroll in LAUNCH preschool July 30th or after. Steve and I are really happy about the prospect of Ethan attending LAUNCH. It is a reputable program for children with special needs, part of the equally reputable Torrance Unified School District, and has a great program for kids on the spectrum. LAUNCH also has the PALS program, where typically developing kids learn side by side special needs kids. As Ethan nears his graduation from PTN on his third birthday, September 30, I feel bittersweet. On the one hand, I am happy that he is transitioning to another great program, on the other, I am really sad that PTN will not be part of our day-to-day lives. We will always support PTN, however, and will always consider ourselves part of the PTN family.

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