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Sensory-friendly Sundays at Chuck E. Cheese’s!


Since starting the South Bay Autism Support Group at, we’ve had two meetups at Chuck E. Cheese’s on the first Sundays of the month for their Sensory-friendly Sunday. We are definitely going back; it is a great way for Ethan to enjoy the games, lights and sounds of Chuck E. Cheese without the loud sounds, crowded play area and extremely bright lights.

Ethan’s “meh” look 😂

Ethan had a field day with the different games at Chuck E. Cheese! The sensory stimuli from the lights and sounds definitely had him perked up and interested. He was running around, touching everything and giggling. He liked the little kiddie rides – the bus and the train were his favorites. We went on a “wild ride” on the motorcycle and his eyes were glued to the screen!

Future biker?

Ethan had fun with Daddy Steve too. All-in-all it was great family time for all. It wasn’t too far from where we lived, and for 10-20 dollars on your fun card, you are able to access a lot of games. If you want the fun of an amusement park, but none of the driving, the exhaustion and the crowdedness, the two hours before the play place opens to the public is the perfect time to go.

Daddy Steve is teaching Ethan how to drive!
Ethan hanging out with Chuck E. Cheese!
I guess Chuck E. Cheese is Ethan’s cup of tea!

Here is a short video of Ethan on the little bus. The wheels of the bus go round and round..

I think Mommy is having fun too!

Ethan made a friend!

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