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Ethan Loves Water!

Ethan loves water!

Ethan has developed this recent obsession with water. Regardless of where the water is – in a muddy puddle on the grass, in an abandoned water fountain, on the hard pavement in the backyard, or in the toilet (yes he’s slipped through my hands and I found him playing with toilet water a few times), he can spend hours just splashing water if I don’t stop him. That’s why when I read about this water table in an autism parent group on Facebook, I immediately knew I wanted to get it! We got it for 60 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Rolling Hills Plaza in Torrance (with a 20% off coupon). I saw on their website that it was available and I picked it up one warm spring day. If he’s gonna play with water, might as well make it clean and fun!

Ethan loves loves loves his new water table. His clothes get all wet when he plays with it, and I have to give him a shower afterwards, but just seeing him giggle in glee makes my day. It also helps with play skills and imaginative play (he responded well to water play at school), not to mention speech vocabulary, “water” “splash” “pour” and “rain,” for example. Great buy with recreational and educational purpose!

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