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Video: Physical therapy progress

Ethan has been going to physical therapy at Kids in Motion since July 2018 and receiving PT at the Leaps and Bounds program at the Pediatric Therapy Network since September 2018. It was July when he started walking at 21 months. This was one milestone that was definitely emotional for me; I began to get extremely worried when Ethan hadn’t walked yet at 18 months. He progressed so much since starting physical therapy. (He started around the time he took his first steps). The development of his gross motor skills and motor planning definitely skyrocketed! His therapist at Kids in Motion is Thérèse Willis and in Pediatric Therapy Network, Stephanie Oda. They are both excellent therapists. Stephanie noticed Ethan’s intoeing (when toes are turned inward while walking) and recommended orthodics, which we already ordered at PTN and will come in the next few days. Thérèse has worked with Ethan for several months at Kids in Motion. We are sad to say that we are putting Ethan’s PT at Kids in Motion on hold starting next week, to accommodate a schedule change at PTN and allot more time for ABA therapy, which will be starting in a few weeks. See videos below of Ethan climbing and descending a long flight of stairs for the first time. For typical toddlers at 2 years and 7 mos, this may nothing to be excited about, but since Ethan was a late walker and is still developing his physical skills, this is a big milestone.

Physical Therapy Goals!

The second video is Ethan descending the same long flight of stairs unassisted.

Yay Ethan!

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