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Ethan’s First Easter Egg Hunt!

Ethan had so much fun at the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Pediatric Therapy Network!

It’s almost time for Easter. Last Sunday, April 14, Pediatric Therapy Network, the place where Ethan goes for his center-based early intervention, held an Easter Egg Hunt. Ethan’s favorite part was the little ducky pool, because he is so attracted to water. He kept on splashing the water until his shirt and shorts got wet! He is still non-verbal, and was clapping “yay” when he saw the Easter Bunny. Daddy Steve got a shot of the funny moment in the picture above. 🤣

Ethan also had a nice moment with the Torrance Firefighters. He got to sit inside a fire truck and had his picture taken with a real fireman! He looked pretty nonchalant when he was in the truck. I think he was just taking it all in, probably wondering where he was magically transported to. The Torrance fireman was happy to get his picture taken with all the special needs children from PTN. All-in-all, it was a wonderful day for the family.

The firefighters asked us if we had any questions for them. I jokingly said, “Well, I wouldn’t know where to start!” It was a cool experience to see a fire truck up close, especially for Ethan, whose favorite toy happens to be a fire truck (he’s fixated on the wheels of course) and always stops in his tracks when he hears fire truck sounds from the neighborhood!

Look at Ethan wrinkling his nose! 😂

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