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Another Autism Poem


Looking at you is like

Looking through a transparent, hollow hour-glass

Counting every grain, feeling its texture

Observing if you look at me or look away

When I look imploringly into your unstable eyes.

Will you smile or stare vacantly into the distance.

Will you respond if I call your name?

Will you smile if try to play and engage

Your fleeting attention?

Do you see those who see you

Carelessly running and screaming in mirth

While the wheels turn in your head and in your hand?

Do you see this make-believe phone I’m holding up

And will you for real play make-believe

Pretending is a lifeline to normalcy.

If I say “come here” maybe you’ll get me

Or will you elope into the dark, dangerous nowhere?

Level 1, 2 or 3? Is there hope?

Do you have a chance out of this


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