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Accepting My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

The roller-coaster of getting an Autism diagnosis

It has been barely a week since we got the confirmation that my son Ethan falls within the autism spectrum. I go through waves of emotion -almost like bipolar ups downs. Some moments, I’m super positive and I can’t wait to see what milestones my child next achieves. I feel excited to dive into the world of autism parenting; support autism awareness events, read autism mom blogs, and read whatever resources I can find about it. (The Harbor Regional Center has a great library, I will visit it soon and post about it). But there are also some moments when I am discouraged, overwhelmed and anxious. I wonder when Ethan will truly speak; I wonder about the process of getting an ABA provider; I worry about his future as he learns to become more independent and has to navigate the real world on his own.

Acceptance is the first step

One thing I learned: the first step is acceptance. Although I am still struggling with this, acceptance has helped me take proactive steps to help my son, take advantage of all the possible early intervention that he can get, and seek for help in areas where we might need help. I realized that the sooner I accept his autism spectrum diagnosis, the sooner we can also plan for his treatment and his future. I am blessed to have such a supportive husband, the support of groups like the Pediatric Therapy Network, Harbor Regional Center, Kids in Motion, Bright Beginnings for Kids and other special needs moms that I’ve met in church groups and support groups. Ethan can lead a good life with autism; as parents we just have to give him the tools and early childhood experiences so that he will be able to manage it.


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