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Video: My Son Ate His First Cracker!

When I picked up my son as I normally would on a school day, I got a very good report from one of his therapists. He ate a Ritz cracker! I had been lamenting for so long that Ethan wasn’t eating crackers yet at age 2 ½. He refused any kind of hard textures. Recently, it seems like he was putting everything in his mouth! It was like he was signaling to us that he was ready to go on to the next step. I hate to gush, but I’m overjoyed that he’s decided to finally explore this kind of food. He will no longer be exclusively relegated to milk when we go to amusement parks; he can also snack at the back of the car. Today, when Daddy had to pick him up because I had a work meeting, the teacher reported that he ate a graham cracker. He’s eating so much more. Feeding therapy is definitely helping! See this video taken by the hubby of him eating green pea chips for the first time.

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