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Ethan’s first time in Disneyland!

I had heard of horror stories of kids with autism in Disneyland. Another autism parent told me that they just don’t do Disneyland; it was too much sensory stimulation for her son. To say I was worried about my son freaking out in the kiddie rides was an understatement. Ethan just went through a phase when he would cry hysterically and cling to before, during, and after an elevator ride. It was a pleasant surprise that my son didn’t seem to mind going on eight rides in four hours! We went on Toontown, Alice in Wonderland, Small World, Dumbo, Teacups, Pinocchio, Astro Blaster, and the Storybook ride. He was just taking in the experience, looking at all the lights, movement and listening to the sounds.


I felt a sense of triumph at my son’s success at Disneyland. I reported it to his occupational therapist the next day, and I felt again, that his early intervention was definitely making a huge difference. Before, he used to be stuck in his stroller when we would go to amusement parks; now he was engaging with his environment.

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