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An Autism Poem


Can you put these blocks in the box?

Will you look right at me when I talk to you

And will you respond to your own name?

Will you use this toy car for its purpose

Or hyper-focus on one part, turning the wheels

Over and over. Repeatedly touching the vent in the door

Will you turn your head if ring this bell?

Will you cling to your mother when faced

With a threatening situation? Or will you

Absentmindedly touch that little girl’s hair?

If I move you to another room, can you handle

The transition? Will you touch putty? Can you handle

Sensory experiences that might scare

Anyone who’s two?

His mother waits as the inevitable label is slapped

On her tiny son.

Is this lifelong or temporary? She asks.

The doctor looks at her blankly. For now

I don’t know.

What is a disorder anyway? Can anybody ever

Get out of the spectrum? Can anybody every

Cure bipolarity through mindfulness and therapy?

I look at the doctor sharply.

We only do what we can, she said.

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